Birth of Caring Inspiration

Money given direct to those millions of people in Africa and countries suffering from drought, floods and persecution, is often not used wisely.

Much better to fund organisations who are set up to give expert practical help, encourage self-reliance and offer them “sustainable know how”.
Practical help and craft training enables rural areas to thrive and it reverses the drift of poor people into a shanty town existence.

Here is a list of some leading organisations which already provide such positive input:

Action Aid

Practical Action

Work Aid

Tools for Self Reliance

Harvest Help

World Development Movement

Better World


Fairtrade branded products ensure third world farmers get a fair price for their products.
Fair Trade Foundation
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Birth of Caring Inspiration

One proven way to inspire young minds and hearts to relate to those millions living in poverty and deprivation is to help them make actual contact with the community needing help with their school It may just involve providing pupils with pens and paper. Possibly a sound roof is needed or even the know-how for building the school in the first place! Caring for those in distress highlights the value of the 4th R", R for young people Relating to help deprived communities leading to Responsibility to relieve that distress in adulthood.

Birth of Caring Inspiration

Schools Linking Network
Schools 4 Schools
School Twinning
Twinning Worldclass (BBC)
Africa Bookcase

There are grants up to £1000 available for teachers in the UK for undertaking visits to a partner school in any country. Enquire at British Council:-

Twinning Schools