Birth of Caring Inspiration

There are few more fulfiling experiences to find oneself actually playing a part in healing the world of its miseries, even in a minuscule way!
It might be helping the homeless in your local community or, if you are a plumber, coming up with an idea to help African families who have to walk miles to obtain clean water.
Sleep on it! Must do something!

If we leave everything to somebody else, we are part of the problem!
If we each do something and encourage others to do the same, we are part of the solution!

Positive Fulfillment
The "Have-nots"

Awakening Caring Spirit

In the event of a global catastrophe, have you noticed how we care for the welfare of previously perceived enemies?

Global Caring Ethics makes friends before cyclones arrive!

Awakening Caring Spirit

The testerones in human beings demand aggressive pursuits.
But note, aggressive pursuits need not be negative. On the contrary, they can be of a caring nature. Take the body builder who excels at lifting weights; he sees his self-worth as a strong man but when his ego goes
ethical, he can use that strength to dig out victims
of an earthquake, a hugely more fulfiling activity!

Feel Good Factor In The Ego