Birth of Caring Inspiration

"Nurture the seeds of Caring Inspiration"
Says the headmaster, Mr Griffiths

We can learn from observing young children with numerous ethnic backgrounds. The pupils at my Uphall primary school in Ilford (UK) speak 52 different home languages: they mix and play together, naturally and problem! But education, as it stands today, fails to encourage a global comardaire in adulthood.

Harmony in the world needs educaring within education.

Nurture the seeds of Caring Inspiration
Birth of Caring Inspiration

In one generation, the effect of including "inspired ethics" within the standard subjects of the curriculum, will be astonishing. When young people are encouraged to learn from history about the pitfalls of human behaviour, noting the wrong directions we have regularly taken, then wisdom is released for a new generation to rectify.

A "little voice" within young minds is saying "when I grow up, I should do something to make the world a happier place for everyone!" Most subjects of the standard syllabus can be easily arranged to include an ethical caring message as suggested below:-

Writing essay
"Describe the inequalities and suffering in the deprived areas of the world. What do you think of the idea that we should be providing the means for poor rural communities to prosper and "helping them to help themselves"?.. thus helping to stop the drift of the poor into urban living where shanty town squalor grows year by year. Write down your ideas on an A4 sheet".

"Show the areas of the world where global warming will affect the life of people the most, noting the populations particularly threatened where hostile climate already makes life unbearable.
Show the areas where deforestation is taking place and what is happening to the remote tribes living there. Also explain why we should be refusing to buy certain timber which is not classed as sustainable".

"Wealthy countries enable most families to consume one loaf every day. But in many impoverished countries, the same size loaf would have to last a family for 10 days.
If one wealthy country decided to donate 1000 Kg of grain, 1Kg being enoughfor one loaf, reply to the following":- "How many weeks and days would this donated grain last so these poor people could eat a loaf every day just as we can?"

Thought for the day
"Now children, have you heard of a person called Mandela?"

"Here is the clue:-
Its never too late to forgive and bury your hate. It’s a matter of thinking how you can Mandelate!"

Nurture the seeds of Caring InspirationChildren are our future