The Challenge The Challenge

The huge gap between excess wealth and abject poverty, together with economic corruption, fuels global resentment and anger. Religions were meant to keep us on ethical paths, but their original healing scriptures are mostly tucked away, out of mind and heart.

The above dismal picture of humanity might seem to be a permanent state, over which we have no control or hope of addressing. But how wrong you would be!

Caring Inspiration Thriving Online Caring Inspiration Thriving Online

The world wide web is buzzing with millions of people conversing. Disaster scenes are seen vividly, portraying suffering as never before. Our hearts speak! “that could be me!”. As never before, the plight of the most vulnerable within our Human Family is foremost in our hearts & minds.

Caring Inspiration Thriving Online Inspiration within education

Young people hold the key to a startling growth in Caring People Power on a global scale. Their minds and hearts are not cluttered with adult values and selfish agenda. So inspire pupils & students to dwell on the welfare of those billion impoverished human beings trying to exist on 50p (1$) per day. Insist they come up with ideas to change this unjust world to ensure human rights are observed across the world. With the 3Rs now becoming 4Rs, with human Rights a core subject in education, caring young adults will "Mandalate" and inspire harmony amongst human tribes as never before envisaged!

Caring Inspiration Thriving Online Inspiration within education

Few realise there is a basic pledge within the scriptures of all ten leading religions. The pledge states:-
”We should not do to others which we would not wish done to ourselves”
With this in mind, leaders of the faiths can find unity and comardarie. Within schools and institutions, this pledge becomes a key to promoting Caring Ethics globally. Teachers please publicised this pledge (refer Interfaith Harmony).

The powerful voices of a thousand caring charities and numerous movements for global peace and harmony, are ready and waiting to overwhelm the elements which hinder the reality of Global Caring Ethics.